Memories and mind games…rocket scientist-style

meego-078 What motivates a teacher to find new student engagement strategies?

As I made the turn onto I-395.  under the square green “Washington” banner last night, the lump in my throat swelled. You bet the skies were ominous and threatening and the lightening was spectacular. But, for me, the glow of the “General Dynamics” characters mean I am back in Defense contractor haven. Memories flood my mind more than the deluge of rain on the Parkway. The Tyson’s Corner sign causes the throat lump to push against my tear ducts. Transported to the summer of ‘77, I have made a new outfit – very trendy orange gauchos – and am driving the Beetle to meet my rocket scientist Daddy for lunch. The urge to call him and play our version of “Where in the world…” is irresistible.

My father claimed that memorizing facts doesn’t put a rocket into space. Critically thinking about how to keep a satellite from crashing to the ground is bound to fail without the right facts. But to interconnect the two with a curiosity of what ifs and consistent whys does.

Readying for the National Forum’s Schools-to-Watch® conference and ISTE, I see how Meego™ exists because of this science. Student-led conferencing is an exceptional tool to motivate and engage students. But what if a student was more empowered to truly drive the creation and delivery of the conference using technology? Why would a teacher be reluctant to embrace such a differentiated individualized approach to student-led conferencing? What if I invented a system that made this easy to do, so the focus is on empowering teachers to engage students and parents?   Why not?

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