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Are you intimidated, yet secretly intrigued, by the Hour of Code?  I was, too!  But Hour of Code 2016 will be my 3rd year watching my middle school students gain confidence and earn certificates in coding.

Why is a middle school social studies teacher in a small town taking class time to provide her students with coding experience?  Very simple.  I believe it is the single most important opportunity for our students.  Especially our marginalized populations.  And I’m passionate about making the future brighter for them.

Take it from me, giving students coding exposure is not intimidating.  I should know, I’m the daughter of a rocket scientist, which can be.

With the right tools, you can do anything, my father always said.

Celebrated annually in conjunction with Computer Science Education Week, an Hour of Code doesn’t have to be an hour.  Whatever you do, doing it is undeniably important.  Here’s why, according to

  • 90% of parents want their child to study computer science
  • 40% of schools teach computer programming
  • Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the U.S.

“With technology changing every industry on the planet, computing knowledge has become part of a well-rounded skill set. But fewer than half of all schools teach computer science! Good news is, we’re on our way to change this. If you heard about the Hour of Code last year, you might know it made history. 100 million students have now discovered how accessible and fun computer science can be by doing just one Hour of Code.” (

I’m a teacher in a small town.  When I couldn’t find an existing on-line program that I wanted, I conceived Meego®.  Finding out how to develop a cloud-based Software Service wasn’t easy.  On the other hand, finding a developer locally proved more challenging.  Obviously, I believe in dreaming big and coding careers can provide powerful dream building opportunities for our students.  Even more so, coding careers can advance the economic power of marginalized and rural populations.  I’m passionate about Meego®, about my students, and about building quality jobs in our small town.

Meego® provides a collaborative space for teachers to share ideas, resources and experiences easily!  Join educators in the Meego® collaborative class and share your #hourofcode experiences.  Want to learn more about Hour of Code™?  Check out the Hour of Code™ How-to website.

Hour of Code™ is a great way to bring the coding conversation to your community!

When you join the Hour of Code ™ collaboration in Meego® you can 1)Post questions and ideas, 2) access links to online resources like Ashley Cronin’s Calling all Learners and Teachers for Hour of Code and instructions on how to make a Scratch holiday card, 3) add links and upload tip sheets, and 4) share photos and videos.  Plus, you will #meetmymeego!  Sign up NOW!

Teacher and edupreneur, Laura Penrod Stock, ventured into the world of software development and found the need for programmers astounding.  Hour of Code 2016 will be her third year introducing her students to careers in coding.

Edupreneur, Laura Penrod Stock, looks forward to Hour of Code™.

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