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Teacher entrepreneur Laura Penrod Stock sees tech savvy teachers turning inventors.

Teacher entrepreneur Laura Penrod Stock sees tech savvy teachers turning inventors.

Teacher inventor entrepreneurs are the next tech savvy trend.  Teachers  in classrooms have often been compared to small business owners.  Teachers producing products and selling them are commonplace.  Look at the explosion of Teachers Pay Teachers, for example.

Teachers have heart.  They also have plastic.  Teachers spend an estimated 1.6 billion dollars a year of their own money on items for their classroom.

The tech savvy teacher, buys, tries and reports on products that work to meet a particular need.  Many products are developed with teachers in mind, but without an understanding of what teachers and students really need.

A recent Education Week article suggests that teachers only use technology which make their lives easier.  When you consider that decision-makers with financial resources have different goals than the classroom teacher, then it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist’s daughter to explain why teachers are spending their own money on technology.

I invented and filed a patent for an online artifacts management system because my research had not resulted in a solution to “doing” student-led conferencing technology-style.  To have one system for storage and portfolio creation is much more efficient (and fun!) than having to open and close multiple apps.

But great ideas are just the beginning for an inventor-entrepreneur.  Simon Sinek says it well – “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

The why for the tech savvy teacher-turned-inventor is in the value-added passion to see a child in an AHa! moment.  That’s worth investing in.

Tech savvy teacher inventor entrepreneurs.  Sounds trendy.


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