You say you want an eRevolution?

Sign-Up is easy for teachers, students and parents!

Sign-Up is easy for teachers, students and parents!

You say you want an eRevolution #EVSCREV16 this school year?  The time has come the time is now.  In Evansville, Indiana nearly one thousand educators from at least five states are plotting and planning for effective instruction this year.  To join these dedicated professionals along the Meego® journey is surreal.

Meego® is part of this eRevolution for a big reason.  Meego® believes every teacher brings a unique approach to teaching.  Meego® values that uniqueness.  Meego® (@tweetmeego) provides a collaborative space in the cloud which makes effective instruction, assessment, and reflection simple.  These teachers here today and around the country do not need products with intricate bells and whistles.  They need the fundamental structure to do what they do best - TEACH – effectively.

Are you at eREVOLUTION2016 (#EVSCREV16)? #MeetmyMeego REGISTER for gifts and an opportunity to go to Sandestin Golf and Beach resort!  You say you want a vacation along with that revolution?  You deserve it!

COPY the LINK below and PASTE into your browser TO REGISTER NOW!


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