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Should we be doing student-led conferencing?

Student-led conferencing is resurfacing as educators reach for tools to improve student achievement and parent engagement!  If you want to invigorate your students’ ownership and responsibility for their education, give student-led conferencing a try!

How do we “do” student-led conferencing?

What’s GREAT about student-led conferencing is the flexibility you have to customize it to meet the needs of your school improvement plan!  There are many models of student-led conferencing available.  Most importantly, the need to incorporate technology resources into the conference preparation and presentation is tantamount in today’s world.  Parent confidence skyrockets when children use technology in student-led conferences.

Where can we find help?

Getting started or reevaluating student-led conferencing?  Feeling overwhelmed or unsure you want to invest in another “new” program?  Eliminate the risk!  Reap the rewards!
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