Why Meego®?

Why Meego®?

Meego® is built on beliefs.

  • We believe that EACH teacher brings an approach to teaching that is truly their own.
  • We believe that EACH parent wants their child to do better than they did.
  • We believe that EACH student is unique.

Meego® supports effective teachers.

  • Meego® is the perfect solution to making  blended & flipped classrooms easily!
  • Meego® is flexible to meet the unique needs of each teacher, student and parent – FIRST.
  • Meego® empowers students to create high quality e-portfolios – an essential 21st century skill for success.
  • Meego® fills the gaps while using multiple apps.
  • Meego® strengthens the power of student-focused, student-directed learning.
  • Meego® puts parents into the classroom – better than parent portal!

Meego® is an engaging cloud-based subscription software platform which provides a collaborative space for multimedia artifact management (including links!) and e-portfolio creation.  Meego® has a user experience that is exceptional!  Why?  Because it is created by its users – teachers, students, and parents – just like you!

Meego® puts parents into the classroom!

Meego® puts parents into the classroom!

 See for yourself why Meego® is the RIGHT choice for your classroom!  Sign-up for a Meet my Meego® webinar today!

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